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Design Technology

Design Technology introduces young students to the exciting world of creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. Through a hands-on and interactive approach, children are encouraged to explore, design, and craft a variety of projects, fostering their critical thinking and practical skills. Children engage in activities that encourage them to conceptualise, plan, and create using various materials and tools. These projects could range from building simple structures to creating functional gadgets, promoting an understanding of basic engineering and design principles.

Learning about textiles opens a world of creativity and craftsmanship for young learners. Children are introduced to the art of working with fabrics, threads, and other textile materials. From sewing simple stitches to crafting imaginative designs, children embark on a journey of exploration and expression.

The process of designing and making food items in primary school not only cultivates creativity but also encourages teamwork and cooperation. Children have the opportunity to experiment with flavours and textures, allowing their palates to evolve and develop an appreciation for diverse cuisines. Moreover, they learn to appreciate the importance of sustainability by understanding food waste and responsible sourcing of ingredients.

By integrating Design Technology into Highwoods, we aim to nurture creativity, teamwork, and adaptability amongst children. It instils an early appreciation for design processes and the significance of incorporating user needs and sustainability considerations. As a result, children develop the foundation for future technological and engineering pursuits, sparking curiosity and laying the groundwork for potential careers in innovation and design.