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At Highwoods we teach Geography through school developed theme lessons. We pride ourselves on rich thematic planning, that has clear progression from Early Years through to Year 6.

Our theme planning draws on teacher expertise and local knowledge. We are also lucky enough to have a school on the doorstep of Highwoods Country Park, and through various trips to the park, children are able to explore the local area, human and physical geography and start map work.

Our exciting themes teach children information that is relevant to them ‘Learning for life’, including ‘Polar Regions’, where children discover the differences between the Arctic and Antarctic and which animals live there; ‘Africa’ focussing on our school demographics and ‘Planet in Peril’, addressing climate change.

Our cross curricular approach also ensures that children make links to Geography through other subjects such as Science and History.

Children learn in a range of ways. We subscribe to digimaps online which allows us access to Ordnance Survey maps for the whole of the UK. We also access Google Maps and use this to explore our local communities and wider worlds. All year groups also enjoy some practical activities to enhance their Geographic knowledge. Years 2, 3 and 4 make large maps that focus on the local area to the wider world. Year 5 make rainforest dioramas to study the layers of the rainforest and Year 6 make erupting volcanoes.


Various Geography trips run through the year. A trip to London allows children to see how London has developed around the River Thames. A trip to Harwich identifies various coastal features, and a trip to Dedham Vale allows children to see a river meander up close.