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Homework - Love to Learn!

A love of reading is essential to help children learn and be curious!

A great start is to share and read books to younger children. Picture books are a fantastic place to start as after a few times of listening to the same story, children will be able to tell the story themselves and feel very proud of themselves!

In the summer term, a new piece of homework is set fortnightly on a Friday.  Children select one activity to bring to school and the other activities do not need to be handed to the class teachers. This daily practise at school and at home will support the children reaching their end of year learning objectives ready for Year 1.

Examples of homework in the summer term....

-Writing a sentence 

Children need to hold the sentence in their heads and sound out each word independently. All letters need to be formed correctly and on the line. We encourage children to write a conjunction to join two ideas.

The frog is green and it has long legs to jump. 

- Theme

Discuss at home how you have changed since you were a baby.  What can you do now that you couldn't as a baby? Who do you want to be able to learn to do or improve as you get older?  What do you want to be when you are an adult?  Police Officer, Nurse, Vet, Scientist, Astronaut, Car designer?

-Number - Practise writing numbers is order to 20.

adding two single digit numbers together.

 - Practise counting accurately beyond 20.

Show the children a number up to 10 and practise counting the amount. You could use toys, pasta, stones or leaves. At school, we put the objects into a line first and touch each one when counting. 

Phonics - Digraphs - sh, ch, th, qu, ng, nk, ck

In phonics, we have started to learn the set 1 and 2 digraphs. Look around at home or go for a walk to see which words contain a sh, ch or th. Practise sounding them out loud or write them down. e.g. sh-o-p. 

Spelling - Practise writing red words. 

All learnt red words are in the back of your child's reading record. Use the rhyme - look, cover, write and check. We would like you to practise the first eight words this week - am, no, go, put, I, the, a, to

Number formation - practise correct number formation to 10.

Click here for a game we use at school from website

Daily reading of their phonics stage book with an adult comment in the reading record three times a week.