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At Highwoods, we are very lucky to have Madame Reed, originally from Paris, to teach weekly French lessons in KS2.  Each class has the opportunity to hear and learn French with her and work on pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.

The skills progress throughout the year groups, with year 3 focusing mostly on vocabulary and pronunciation, up to year 6 where they are able to independently write and present their work. We also spend time learning about the culture of France from Madame Reed and comparing it with our own. 

  • Year 3 have been learning to greet each other – ask them how they are! Then they learn The Giant Turnip for pets and at the end of the year, body parts. 
  • Year 4 have been learning about family members and descriptions. They then move onto food and rewrite the Hungry Caterpillar with their own foods. Finally, they create a zoo brochure when they learn animals and characteristics. 
  • Year 5 have been learning about the weather and presented their own weather reports - ask them what the weather is today. They should also be able to direct you to the swimming pool and use prepositions to talk about their homes.
  • Year 6 have been learning about clothes and wrote, planned and put on their own fashion show! They find out about transport and French speaking countries around the world. Finally, they learn time and can talk about their school day!