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School Council

The School Council is an organisation represented by almost the whole school with each classes from year one up having two councillors. We meet every two weeks and discuss items that have been raised in class through class councils, or fund-raising activities. We listen to the children’s views and try to improve things in the school by passing these ideas on in order to achieve a positive result.

School Council meet every few weeks-this is overseen by a teacher (Ms Collins) and minutes are logged. These views are then shared with the Headteacher and a Governor.

British Values in action!

Recently we have been to visit the Mayor and we had a tour of the Town Hall- we got to see the Moot Hall, the debating chambers and walk on the balcony. 


This year we have discussed the following:

Playtimes- what new equipment would we like?

PTA climbing frame-what should we buy with the money raised? 

School uniform-how do we feel about wearing PE kits all day? Do we need to new PE Kit, so we look smarter? 

School clubs-what clubs would we like to see at Highwoods? 

Behaviour- what do we think of Traffic lights in our behaviour system? 

Christmas productions- do we want a carol service in juniors?