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We teach our pupils to staff safe online through our computing and PSHE curriculum. We use assemblies such as Internet Safety week to promote how to protect children while being online. This work is supported by guest speakers and experts such as 'The 2 Johns'- these are ex-police officers who specialise in educating children, parents and staff about online dangers. 

Our safeguarding lead is Mr Disley, and Miss McLewin is our deputy safeguarding lead. If you have any concerns related to a safeguarding matter, which might include online activity, you can contact them through the address. Alternatively, you can use the Essex portal to refer concerns directly as a member of the public:

'Pupils know the school well, are happy, feel safe and all say they are taught how to keep safe through PSHE
'Pupils are very astute when talking about keeping safe and know that all staff will do their best for them and ensure they are always safe'
'Online safety is prevalent in ICT.  Discussions with pupils and fluent conversations during lessons, suggest that pupils are aware of filtering and how to access safely, search engines.  “Talk school” and pupils feel comfortable talking to adults about anything that concerns them'.  Essex Advisor visit November 2023. 

The school has Mr Disley who oversees monitoring and filtering policies and systems in school. Reverend Hannah Cooper is the designated Trustee for monitoring and filtering. 

Who can I report online worries to? 

If your concerned about something your child has seen or told you, please report to: